Why was my car towed?

We can only provide you with the answer the property manager or owner gave us. It could be for any infraction or number of infractions against your vehicle’s presence on the property. Please refer to your lease or rent agreement and consult your landlord about your vehicle.
That being said. oftentimes a property manager/landlord will contact our Louisville tow company to remove a vehicle they deem necessary to tow for these possible reasons:

The vehicle was parked on the property illegally
The vehicle appears to be in disrepair:   Flat tires
   Broken windshield or glass
   Missing body parts (fenders, hood, windows, etc)
Has been sitting in a space much too long without moving
Not properly licensed with the state of Kentucky
Failure to provide insurance information to the landlord
Parked in another tenant’s space
Presents a safety hazard to others

Where is my car being taken to?

Your vehicle will be stored in our secure vehicle tow lot in Louisville. Your manager will give you the details, or if the tow operator is still in the area, please ask, and he or she will give you our card with the address. There may also be signs at every entrance with our company information on them.

How much will it cost to get my car back?

“How much is it going to cost?” is not something that can be answered here as there may be additional fees. Along with daily storage fees, additional tow fees may be due to the type of tow needed to remove your vehicle and the potential travel (mileage) fees involved.

Why does towing cost so much?

Towing someone’s vehicle is more expensive than you can imagine. Not only do we have the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance, and insurance, but we also have to have additional business insurance coverage. There are also our labor costs, federal taxes, employment taxes, property taxes, property maintenance, and lease costs, not to mention utility costs for the building and property we maintain. Towing is like any other business where there are costs involved in operation. All American Towing goes a bit farther by doing quite a bit of preventive maintenance on our local tow vehicles to ensure they are safe to operate and to tow your vehicle from point A to point B.

Is there anything else I should know?

When your vehicle is released to you at the tow lot, you may not want to bring it back to the property it was towed from as it can be towed again if the infractions haven’t been taken care of. You’ll want to talk with the property manager or owner about the status of your vehicle and what you need to do for it to be allowed back on the property.
We know and understand that this may be harsh, and we’ve been there. Some of our tow operators and staff rent and must abide by the property rules when it comes to their vehicles. There are rules in place for a reason. One of the more important reasons is to ensure the property doesn’t appear poorly maintained for the other residents. A vehicle that appears abandoned or in disrepair may be an eyesore to potential renters and neighbors.

How much does it cost to tow a vehicle off my property?

As a property manager, there is typically no cost for our services. A manager or owner of the property must fill out a contract with us and advise us on why the vehicle is to be towed. This helps our tow operators when dealing with the person whose vehicle is being towed, as this can often be a stressful time.
Again, our service is zero cost for the property manager or private owner of a property (grocery store, retail outlet, duplex, triplex, apartment complex, or even an empty lot. Our tow operators can work with you or your security team 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Where will the vehicle be taken to?

The vehicle will be stored in our secure vehicle tow lot in Louisville. A person who asks can be directed to our location via our website or by calling the phone number on the warning Tow Signs on the property.

How much will my resident’s car cost to get out of the impound?

Each tow is different. In exigent circumstances, it may take longer to remove a vehicle due to flat tires, wheel locks, repositioning a vehicle, and the time it takes to remove and place it in impound.

Is there anything else I should know?

As a property manager or private owner, we suggest you document the entire towing process- from the initial cause of concern (broken window, flat tire, improperly parked, parked in a fire zone, etc.) to the time the vehicle is towed away. Keeping accurate records will explain away any reason for having a vehicle removed from your property.

What is wheel lift towing?

Wheel lift towing is specified for certain vehicles and lightweight pick-up trucks. When a vehicle is in a tight area, such as an alleyway or parking garage, or has no tie-down points for a flatbed, our wheel lift towing can remove the vehicle without a dent or scratch.

What are wrecker trucks?

Wrecker trucks are used in situations where a vehicle has been totaled and cannot be driven away from an accident. They are uniquely designed with special equipment and tools to get the job done safely and without creating further damage.

What are flatbed and rollback trucks?

Flatbed and rollback trucks can be used for almost any type of vehicle. Flatbed trucks are most effective for vehicles that operate in four-wheel drive or specialty vehicles with modifications, such as a lowering kit or bodywork. Flatbed towing is also beneficial for vehicles that are transported long distances. Be sure to check with your car’s manufacturer to make sure flatbed towing is right for you.

Do you offer recovery, winching, and extraction services?

All American Towing offers recovery, winching, and extraction. These local towing services are used for vehicles that must be pulled back onto the roadway and then loaded to a tow truck or flatbed to be hauled away. These operations are very precise to control the car for maximum recovery safety not only for the vehicle in question but also for the surrounding property.