Hiring Tow Company

Choosing the Best Louisville Towing Company

At All American Towing, a premier Louisville tow company, we understand that you, the consumer, have choices when hiring a local tow service in your time of need. But, we like to be transparent and let you know how to choose only the best towing service in Derby City. While we would appreciate your business, we understand that you have choices of who you’ll hire to tow your vehicle, please read the following towing tips:

Stranded on i65

What Should You Do if Your Car Breaks Down on I65

Your vehicle breaking down can happen at anytime. One of the worst times is while traveling on a major highway like I65. Whats doubly difficult is trying to avoid a vehicle that has lost a tire and caused a collision, causing you to become part of that collision. This is that time when you’ll need to hire a Louisville tow company, but before doing so there are some things you should know about being stranded on i65